Sutter's Mill Meteorite Video (HD) in Slow Motion!
April 22, 2012


(Look to the left of the center hill just over the ridge)


Photo of Sutter's Mill fireball.


Overlay of the stars behind the fireball by Lisa Warren so as to get true trajectory
This was needed to locate the pieces and clearly it worked perfect.


Sutter's Mill Meteorite

This fab piece of the Sutter Mill,Ca, fall is the largest and best sample recovered.The brilliant daytime fireball was seen and heard over much of Nevada and California on April 22,2012 at 7:51 am PDT.

It's the fastest fireball (bolide) ever recorded then recovered at super fast ~28 KPS ! and is a UNIQUE C2 carbonaceous chondrite.The estimated mass was about 3 meters in size.First detected at 90 km altitude main disruptuion was at appx. 50 km altitude. heading west .Total mass recovered is less than 1 kg.

Sutter's Mill is extremely hard and one of the most primitive stone meteorites ever examined by scientists and reseachers. Luckily, a few more smaller samples were also quickly recovered. These were immediately sent to labs all over the world. Sutter's Mill, CA is the exact site that GOLD was first discovered in 1847 along the American River. This created the largest gold rush and mass migration in history-The meteorite fall kind of repeated it !!

With thousands of searchers taking to the hills and trying their luck -what fun and adventure!!!

Bravo to fellow meteorite hunter Robert Ward who found the first piece! good job DUDE!!! Note the fresh black fusion crust and classic flow/thread lines along the surface from high speed entry

This is the pride of my collection.I have been many time to search for more and will continue ! BH

Sutter's Mill Meteorite Back



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